The Agolin Story

What do Barry Callebaut and Nestlé have in common?

These major consumer brands prefer milk from Agolin-fed cows to help them meet their commitments to carbon footprint reductions.

What do dairies get in return? Reduced methane, improved feed efficiency, and increased energy-corrected milk. The potential gains from feeding Agolin dwarf the $0.04 to $0.06 cost per day to feed it.

Research-proven and fed to more than 1.5 million dairy cows around the world, Agolin products harness the immense power of plant extracts.

  • 23-trial published meta-analysis shows 4.1% increased energy corrected milk and 4.4% improved feed efficiency. Published 2020. Download Trial
  • UC-Davis study with Dr. Frank Mitloehner reports that enteric methane was reduced by 11.2% per unit of milk and enteric ammonia was reduced by 18%. Published 2020. Download Trial
  • Spruce Haven Dairy Trial, NY commercial dairy, reports cows fed Agolin showed a $0.72 gain per cow per day for the cost of about $0.05 per day. Published 2021. Download Trial

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