Research-proven Agolin Ruminant

First-ever carbon credit payments to U.S. dairy farmers for reducing enteric methane

Agolin Dairy Cows
Did you know that Feedworks USA is currently delivering checks totaling $826,765 to dairy farmers for reducing enteric methane by feeding Agolin® Ruminant?

These are the first carbon credit payments issued in the United States for enteric methane reductions.

Agolin is the only feed additive commercially available and certified in the U.S. to reduce enteric methane while also improving feed efficiency.

Dairy producers now can add carbon credit payments of about $4.00 per cow per year to the performance benefits they are already achieving by feeding Agolin.

The $4 per cow figure is likely to increase in the future.

Dairy farmers have been caring for their cows and the land for many decades. Feedworks USA is happy to help them achieve even more, with benefits to the environment and their bottom lines.

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