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Reducing enteric methane has to make sense for your business. 

Agolin Ruminant puts you, your cows and your dairy first. It is the only product certified to improve feed efficiency while also reducing enteric methane.

In large-scale, split-herd trials on nine dairies, Agolin Ruminant demonstrated an average of over 12:1 benefit-to-cost ratio, or a profit of $0.60 per cow per day. On top of those profit gains, dairies can now receive carbon credit payments of $4 per cow per year.

Research-proven and fed to about 2 million dairy cows around the world, Agolin Ruminant is a plant-based feed additive that harnesses a blend of scientifically selected essential oils. Researchers tested more than 100 different plant extracts to determine their effects on the rumen microbiota and how they can lower a cow’s enteric methane production — while also materially improving fat and protein yield and feed efficiency.

New split-herd research again confirms Agolin Ruminant improves milk production and feed efficiency

Feedworks USA recently completed nine large-scale, split-herd Agolin Ruminant trials measuring milk performance by cow and feed efficiency by pen over three- to four-month periods among more than 6,000 cows. Dr. Essi Evans, an independent consulting nutritionist, assisted Feedworks with trial design and data analysis, helping to ensure accurate results.

Results showed an average 2.41-pound improvement in energy corrected milk (ECM) with a 1.45-pound decrease in dry matter intake (DMI) for the Agolin-fed cows.

Additional research demonstrates ROI and performance benefits

  • 23-trial published meta-analysis shows 4.1% increased energy corrected milk and 4.4% improved feed efficiency. Published 2020. Download Trial
  • UC-Davis study with Dr. Frank Mitloehner reports that enteric methane was reduced by 11.2% per unit of milk and enteric ammonia was reduced by 18%. Published 2020. Download Trial
  • Spruce Haven Dairy trial, NY commercial dairy, reports cows fed Agolin showed a $0.72 gain per cow per day for the cost of about $0.05 per day, a 14:1 return. Published 2021. Download Trial

Learn more about Dr. Frank Mitloehner’s recent UC-Davis study in the CLEAR Center video below.                 

“Agolin is a considerably effective feed additive …that reduces methane by 11 percent …and also improves the performance of the cow,” according to Dr. Mitloehner.

Research-proven, Agolin Ruminant is a plant-based feed additive that harnesses a blend of scientifically selected essential oils to improve feed efficiency and production.
It is the only available product in the U.S. that can positively influence your bottom line while also reducing enteric methane. Read about the CLEAR Center study.

Certified by the Carbon Trust to benefit dairy farmers, their cows and the environment.

To develop Agolin, researchers tested more than 100 different plant extracts to determine their effects on the rumen microbiota and how they can improve fat and protein yield and feed efficiency while lowering a cow’s methane production. Agolin is the first product certified by the Carbon Trust to provide benefits to not only the environment, but also to dairy farmers and their cows.

About 2 million cows consume Agolin Ruminant.

About 2 million dairy cows around the world – including more than 300,000 cows here in the U.S. – currently consume Agolin Ruminant and those numbers are growing as more dairies read the intensive research that supports Agolin’s numbers.

Farmers aren’t the only ones interested in Agolin. Nestlé (the largest milk buyer in the world) and Barry Callebaut (the largest chocolate manufacturer) want more milk from Agolin-fed cows in an effort to meet their commitments to carbon footprint reductions. Additional major consumer brands will soon follow in their footsteps.

Watch to learn more about Swiss-based Agolin, manufacturer of Agolin Ruminant:

Agolin researches, develops and markets innovative feed additives such as Agolin Ruminant. The company sources ingredients that are safe and easy to use, proven effective through independent research, and guaranteed traceable.

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